About Emily

You can flourish where you are.


Life is full of challenges, obstacles, and hardships,
but I am convinced:  abundant life is possible
because of, not despite, this reality.


I am a fellow explorer of what propels me and my family toward remarkable wholeness in spirit, mind, and body. I am the mother of 7 children, survivor of a pulmonary embolism, a Jesus-girl, and an advocate for moms. Motherhood is hard. It can be lonely. I have found it to be a humbling journey of discovery; the perfect terrain to grow my character and sharpen my spiritual understanding. I see motherhood as a daily invitation to intentionally put myself in God’s care and welcome His leadership in my life. If you find yourself longing to be refreshed, desiring of a vibrant, sustainable, wholeness-oriented life, I hope you’ll find help and encouragement here.

Thanks for taking a few moments to connect with me. I’m so glad you stopped by.

Love to all,

Emily Sue Allen
hello [at] kindred mom [dot] com


EMILY SUE ALLEN is the founder and visionary behind KindredMom.com, an online community and podcast dedicated to helping women find joy and purpose in motherhood. Emily is passionate about living a deeply nourished life and celebrating the beauty of ordinary moments. She is forever marked by the rescue and redemption Jesus Christ has accomplished in her life. Emily is a featured contributor in Strong, Brave & Beautiful: Stories of Hope for Moms in the Weeds, a collaborative volume of essays written to encourage moms in the weeds of parenting kids at home. She lives with her husband and seven kids—three girls and four boys—in the Pacific Northwest. Emily’s website is emilysueallen.com. Subscribe to her newsletter “Flowers, Children & Other Lovely Things” at emilysueallen.substack.com.

Emily is a member of Hope*writers and an ongoing devotional contributor to Joyful Life Magazine.

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KINDRED MOM is a multi-faceted online community dedicated to telling humble and compelling motherhood stories. We believe motherhood is a sacred and beautiful journey of discovery. Through artful storytelling, we help moms find meaningful connection, guidance, encouragement, and truth for the kids-at-home parenting years.

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