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My days are full of tickles, laughs, and epic messes, and lots of learning alongside my kids. I wouldn’t change one thing about this season, challenges and heartaches included. I love Jesus and hope that my life speaks of His transformative work in me. I’ve kept this blog for many years now (formerly as LightandLoveliness.com) and I still find joy in sharing my words here.

Thanks for taking a few moments to share in my journey.

Love to all,

Emily Sue Allen
hello [at] kindred mom [dot] com
Emily Sue Allen is the founder of the Kindred Mom blog and host of the Kindred Mom podcast. She also is an ongoing devotional contributor to Joyful Life Magazine and loves connecting with other writers. Soul care for moms and helping women find joy in the midst of their motherhood journey are among her greatest passions. She is a contemplative, creative soul who celebrates the beauty of a humble, handmade life and deeply values the power of encouragement. She lives with her husband and six kids in the Pacific Northwest, and personally blogs at emilysueallen.com. Find Kindred Mom on Instagram (@kindred_mom) and Facebook, and follow Emily personally on Instagram (@emily_sue_allen).


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Published in print:

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