A photo a week throughout 2019: our family, just as we are. 3/52

~ For Lynne ~

You said to be still and know that You are God

I have known for many years
exactly Who You are

Still I thrashed and panicked with every wave
For ever so long

You said when going through waters, You would be with me
You were there, but so was fear

Speaking louder and more convincingly in my ear than Your still, small voice

You said in the valley You would lead me beside still waters

I could hear the water, but could not see it
So I trembled at the unknown, Walking in darkness

Afraid of what I could not see and what I could not control

You were both before and behind me
Not far, not disinterested

Not disappointed in me

As we walked, I discovered Your patience and kindness
And started knowing in deeper ways

Your faithfulness does not depend on my performance

You said I would not hurt, would not struggle, would not weep–in vain,
And would not any of those forever

By the might of Your outstretched arms encircled around me have I been held still
In the waves, in the darkness, in the pain and loneliness 

So firmly and gently 

So faithfully 

The water is washing me through
The night is peace for my anxious thoughts
And the discomfort and uncertainty of any day after this one is not my burden
But my joy and honor

Stillness is trust

Trust that You are loving 

Trust that You are Able 

Trust that You will keep what I have committed to You

You have set in motion redemption that cannot be taken
By fear, by sorrow, by suffering

By anything 

For nothing shall separate me from the love of Jesus  

This is stillness 

Remembering what You’ve said to be true

Clinging to those promises

As the sustenance of my soul


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