Exploring a New Horizon


Sometimes, all at once, the horizon looks different than it ever has before. I’ve looked at it countless times–wistfully wondering what lies out there beyond my vision. There have been hints and hopes, but no form to discern, and no quick way from here to there, even though “here” is always constantly changing. I’ve been moving forward, I know that much, but toward what? I didn’t really know until now.

Perhaps it is no secret that I enjoy writing. It has taken me a good decade to recognize that I don’t only write because I’m compelled by urgency (which is true), but also because I honestly just deeply enjoy it. Where once I felt a little panicked about always wrestling writer’s block or, worse, writer’s torture–to have ideas but not the focus, tools, or skills to harvest them–I’m in an entirely new season. I’ve grown comfortable with letting the words be what they are, and committing them to pages whether or not they’re coherent on first-writing; whether or not the collection of characters amount to a dazzling finished work. The joy of words is in the consideration, the gathering and treasuring, and tossing them to a soil where they can sprout up into something fruitful.

I’m ready to commit myself to writing intentionally and often, because of the joy it brings me, and because of the musings I perceive will have a life beyond me. I’ve updated this website (which used to be the home of my family photography business) because I’m beginning to write more publicly around the internet, and it seems fitting that people would be able to find me easily by name. For those who have followed my writing for years, I’ve transferred my former personal blog (lightandloveliness.com) to this space, and I hope to pick up where I left off–only with a little more attention than this past year. Light and Loveliness will soon redirect here and be entirely phased out.

It also seems fitting to share that I have begun the early stages of writing a book. It will be a long journey: years, most likely. That fact used to intimidate me, and I have questioned whether or not I have enough words on one topic to artfully craft a work of book-length, but I’m ready to try, and the words are waiting for me to put them on pages. For friends & family not as familiar with the publishing process, there are many steps to go through on the way to publication, and many ways to go from hobby-writer to published author. I am currently in the first phase of pursuing traditional publication. My current goal is to write a book proposal, which is basically a giant, involved document that details all the aspects of the book I will later be writing. It is a slightly intimidating, but worthwhile process for clarifying the thoughts and purpose of the book, and includes a robust plan for how to market the book if/when it gets to publication. I’m especially prioritizing this part of the process over the next 3-4 months since our weekly family activities settle down during the summer and I have a little more time to work on it, but I don’t have designs on a particular timeline beyond this initial goal of completing the book proposal by early August.

So welcome to my new/old blog and these new adventures. I hope to be in a little better communication throughout this process. Your encouragement and support mean everything. I have imported my former email list from Light and Loveliness (you can unsubscribe anytime if you don’t want to hear from me about this), and if you’re not on my email list but want to stay connected as I chase this dream, I would encourage you to subscribe in the sidebar. I hope to send an email every 1-2 months with an update on my book proposal process and links to my writing around the web.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. Sending love.



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    Jody Collins
    April 19, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Emily, this is a beautiful new space and I look forward to cheering you on in the next season. Well done!

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