What I learned in 2015, Part I

One sibling photo a week throughout the year. 49/52

Last year, I posted a list of things I learned throughout the year. I thought I would do something similar this year, but it ended up being a lot longer than I expected, so I’ve broken it up into two parts. Here is the first, and you can see the second next week! Updated: Part II of this list


I started off the year differently than any other year in recent history. Instead of my usual laundry-list of personal goals, I made just two – one for writing and one for fitness. I have surprisingly kept up with my fitness goal all year, which is a total feat for those who know my impressively non-athletic history, and I put my writing goal to rest in early fall after realizing that my original goal was not very realistic for me.

> I have learned that my quest for simplicity in life continues to benefit me and my family in various ways, some that I expected and some that have surprised me.

> I have learned the difference between struggling to do many things poorly and the success of doing few things well. I hope to continue doing few things well going forward.

> I have learned that being disciplined is a matter of the mind, and is about making decisions that lead to action instead of making excuses for why I can’t or don’t want to do something.

> I have learned that it is ok to put some things to rest. Goals. Relationships. Books that are not interesting. There are times to stick things out, and times to let things go.

> I have learned that intention matters. If I intend (or purpose) to do something, I have a better chance of accomplishing it than if I just think about it.

> I have learned that exercise is a basic need. I need to move my body…and after a year of focused, consistent exercise, I feel better than I ever have in my life – even  at currently 7.5 months pregnant.


I watched a dear friend give birth to a sweet son in February after a long season of infertility, loss, waiting, and fervent prayer for a sweet child to hold. Attending the birth itself was an intimate and moving experience. Having walked through low days with this friend, it has been a total delight to see how her world has lit up this year with her son’s presence and bright personality.

> I have learned that sorrowful seasons do not last forever for those who wait and hope in the Lord. His gifts are good, and are never late.

> I have learned that waiting is not fun or easy or comfortable, but good things are worth the time it takes for them to arrive.

> I have been reminded that traveling through life with trustworthy, life-giving friends is a complete gift that lifts the soul when one is weary.

> I’ve learned that friendship is about showing up. The few things you need in common is that you care to connect, share in life’s ups and downs, and encourage your friends whenever you get the chance.

> I have learned that rhythm and routine go a long way to establishing peace in our home.


We have a pile of birthdays in February and March, including my own birthday. We celebrated one, three, seven, and thirty-two.

> I’ve learned that celebrating life is something that should happen every day. Cake and candles and presents are not needed to recognize the gift of life…Each day we can give thanks and celebrate the small things — that we breathe, love, and grow together through every season.

> I have learned that throwing formal birthday parties is not something I enjoy…in fact, it stresses me out.

> I have learned that for me, parenting is a journey toward ever greater patience and tenderness with my kids. I have more than I used to have, but I continue to strive for more.

> I have learned that having a very busy one year old can make the days very interesting. You never know just what mess you will find waiting around the corner.

> I have learned that looking at the world through the eyes of a child helps me see things I would miss every time with the eyes of an adult. For this reason, I am thankful I have so many children to learn from.


In April, I published my first prayer guide on the topic of “Strength”. I meant for it to be one of several guides shared this year, but I haven’t been able to prepare any others for distribution yet. This is on my list to tackle in 2016.

> I have learned that it takes only small, intentional efforts to help others feel heard and supported. We so easily overcomplicate things.

> I have learned that no matter how many terrible things I hear about happening in the world, every time I read about a new one, my heart breaks again.

> I have learned that in the midst of a very scary world, there is refuge in Jesus for the anxious heart.

> I have learned that it is ok to be sensitive. I am, and while I’ve always struggled to accept that about myself, I also think its a huge asset in some areas of life.

> I have learned that I am able to influence the tone of my home by keeping my own attitude in check, and helping my children to understand how their attitudes affect them and those around them.

In May, my second son (third-born child) was baptized. It was a pleasure to stand in the water with him as he made a public declaration of his love for Jesus.

> I have learned that I can simultaneously honor the mysteries of God (what I do not know or understand), and hold to the truth that I do know.

> I have been reminded that unexpected turns in life’s journey are sometimes the best things that can ever happen to you.

> I have been reminded that motherhood looks different for every woman, but somehow we all share similar struggles, heartaches, sacrifices, and the deep knowing that there is nothing more important than loving and caring for a child.

> I have learned that the kindness of God knows no bounds, not even my own stubborn, anxious heart that sometimes tries to stand in the way of what God would give me. He gives what He gives, and with a particular posture, I can often discover the wisdom in it, whether or not I understand it right away.

> I have learned that traveling inches forward through the toughest seasons is every bit as victorious as logging miles behind me in the easy ones.


In June, I discovered I was pregnant with our son who is due in February 2016. Of course I didn’t know then that he was a he, but I was excited nonetheless.

> I have learned that no matter how many times one has been pregnant, pink lines are still exciting, and a little bit terrifying.

> I have been reminded how quickly the heart can grow to love a new person, even if they are smaller than a poppyseed.

> I have learned that there are two parts to forgiveness…the part where I choose it in my heart (to forgive) regardless of the other party’s involvement, and the part where I give it directly to the other party when they ask for it. It especially makes me think about from whom I may need to seek forgiveness from.

> I have learned that five kids in a strawberry patch is a pretty fun thing to watch.

> I have learned that sometimes important kids questions come at unexpected times, and no matter how many I have heard in my day, I always feel like I’m fumbling to answer well.

Check back next week for Part II


“When the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that being justified by His grace we would be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life. This is a trustworthy statement; and concerning these things I want you to speak confidently, so that those who have believed God will be careful to engage in good deeds. These things are good and profitable for men.” Titus 3:4-8


Update on run/walk goal for week 49 (the goal is to complete at least 10 miles per week): 9 Run/Walk miles traveled, 579mi in 2015


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