Halloween Fun

One sibling photo a week throughout the year. 43/52

Pocahontas, Raphael (Ninja Turtle), Bumblebee with paper flower, Ninja, Snow White. We spent the evening enjoying a meal and some games with friends. I don’t love halloween, but if I have to celebrate it, this is the way I would choose every single time. Amazing friends, food, fun. Thanks to my sweet, creative, and talented friend, we had a home halloween party that was enjoyable, and best of all, not stressful for me (as nearly all parties are). She made her own bat chandelier, angry eyes wall decoration, dirt (cookie & pudding) cups, and pin the eye on the monster game..among other things. Too fun. The little sister didn’t want to take any photos though, so despite the fact that she had a great time all evening, you will see that she is letting us know how she feel about photos (or maybe it was having to hold her brother’s hand?).

“A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17


Update on run/walk goal for week 43 (the goal is to complete at least 10 miles per week): 10.5 Run/Walk miles traveled, 512mi in 2015


1081. halloween party, 1082. surviving the week with relative grace, 1083. new (hand-me-down) wilson jersey for the 3T, 1084. ice cream chart, 1085. healthy foods this week, 1086. favors prepared for a belated birthday party, 1087. peanut butter cups, 1088. last minute costume alterations, 1089. a night w/ (awesome) homeschool co-op moms, 1090. buddy makes a goal in his last soccer game of the season

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