Real Talk: An Invitation

One sibling photo a week throughout the year. 40/52

I sat with a friend at a coffee shop recently, talking about ideas and real life and such. It was dark outside with some wind and rain, but warm inside with a chocolate-dipped cookie and ideas bouncing back and forth about this and that. This blog has been on my mind lately. It has become a space that is representative of a small portion of my personal journey…ordinary life, quest for truth and understanding, a chronicle of my journey toward self-discipline and health, and some rumination on the beauty of this season of life. I have committed to myself to show up at least once each week, with the photo of the kids together and some bits of what we have going on or what is on my mind. For the most part, I have done that fairly well. The whimsy of it all probably fits the time we’re in, and what lands here may be just as whimsical going forward, but…

In an effort to be intentional about everything that I give my attention to, I have realized that there are a lot of things that I just don’t share here. I think some kinds of sharing come easily for me (hello deep-heart-of-the-ocean-land), and some take a little more effort.  My desire is to share honestly about our adventures and challenges as a family and encourage others on the motherhood (or parenting) journey. While I feel like my life is an open book, I don’t always know what would be of interest here in this space, or be helpful for others to know about our lives. I do receive questions from friends, on occasion, and I would love to move toward sharing some of my answers to those questions in a more public way, in case they are helpful to others.

So, I would love to invite you to provide some input about what you might like to read about here in this space. I’m ready to put a little more form to what I write here, and learning what you would like to know about, or see more of, will help me march forward with intention in that pursuit. I have a short list of ideas that I brainstormed with my friend, but I’d like to know from you what you think would be helpful/interesting/encouraging to read about. Ask me anything! Tell me what topics you’d love to see here. Some things to get your wheels turning: more on my health journey, homeschool and what that looks like for us, helps/thoughts for mamas of littles, practical life stuff with a big family, meal planning, parenting challenges/victories, pregnancy, marriage and family, overcoming depression, crafting/creativity, photography, devotional thoughts, more prayer guides (and if this, what topics?)…What are you curious about? What have you found helpful or encouraging that I could write more of? I invite you to give your input. Feel free to email me (or if you happen to be a fb friend, a quick message will do) —  lightandloveliness [at] gmail [dot] com — if you have any questions to ask (for yourself, or questions you think others might benefit from answers to) or input to give! Thanks so much.

How precious is Your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of Your wings. You feed them from the abundance of Your own house, letting them drink from Your river of delights. For You are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.” Psalm 36:5-9 NLT


Update on run/walk goal for week 40 (the goal is to complete at least 10 miles per week): 14 Run/Walk miles traveled, 476.5mi in 2015


1041. new fancy pencil sharpener, 1042. daddy home from a week away, 1043. beach adventures, 1044. oranges for dessert, 1045. caring friends, 1046. covalent molecule-building, 1047. quick-to-forgive hearts, 1048. community bible study, 1049. early bedtimes for mama, 1050. costco run by myself (a rare occurrence)

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