One sibling photo a week throughout the year. 34/52

I have a lot of things cooking. Literally and figuratively. A baby. A crock pot. Some new adventures. An “I’m-in-way-over-my-head-but-I-love-it” sewing project for our kids’ ministry at church. Plans and routines for a whole new homeschool year. So many things cooking, that I barely know what to say on this blog right now.

We’re having meatball subs for dinner. The troops should be quite happy with that. I’ve been feeling the baby move for the past few weeks (now 15 weeks along), and its always a joy to experience those first flutters and kicks. Hello baby, I feel you.

I have been going strong with my fitness goal, and have been failing miserably at the writing one. Oh well. One can only have so much outgoing creative energy at a given time. I have grace for myself.

Last week we had a tough bout of tummy bugs all around. There is nothing more comical/tragical (yes, I wrote tragical) than a house full of kids falling ill within 24 hours of each other. It was a wild ride of throwing up, laundry cycles, towels and sheets thrown everywhere, another person throwing up, oh and wait, another one in the other room. There were only a few truly terrible messes, but wow. If you ever plan to have a big family, just be prepared that one day, there will be a time that everything will be hilariously out of your control, and all you can do is laugh your way through it, yellow gloves, baking soda, Resolve and all. Fortunately, we are back to 100%, and so very glad to have that behind us.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday.


Update on goals for week 34:

1) Run/walk at least 10 miles per week. Week 34 ~ 14 Run/Walk miles traveled, 393mi in 2015
2) Write 10,000 words weekly. Week 34 ~ 0 words completed, 98,100 words in 2015


971. sweet/sleepy just-woke-up-from-my-nap face, 972. excited football-watchers, 973. God’s graces and helps through a difficult week of illness all through the house, 974. now-settled tummies, 975. littlest songbird singing along to our bedtime songs, 976. finding peace on a heavy-hearted day, 977. teamwork in the kitchen & hubby’s awesome biscuits and gravy, 978. bedtime cuddles with each kid, 979. a no-writing, but creative in lots of other ways week, 980. planning the groove i’m hoping to find this coming week for all of fall, 981. evening walk with a friend, 982. a delicious-sounding september meal plan, 983. leaping into a task i’d been dragging my feet on (and getting somewhere with it), 984. the start of re-reading daring greatly in preparation for fall book club, 985. life in color, 986. the beginning and end of things, 987. pink slippers, 988. electricity when so many others have been without it this weekend, 989. comforts in sad moments, 990. mints

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