Sunshine in January

Have you ever seen so many happy faces in the sun, in January, in Seattle? We are all excited to be starting off a new year of adventures, and the grandparents will be happy to know that I’m continuing my one-photo-a-week challenge, this time with the focus solely on the kids. Here we have a little snap from a day at the park earlier this week. We couldn’t pass up the invitation of some of our favorite friends to join them for playground fun. Park playdates are not the norm for this time of year, and it was an extra-special afternoon. Also, #2’s gaping tooth hole makes a grand debut, so don’t miss that. Gotta love the goofy smiles.

One sibling photo a week throughout the year. 1/52

Below is my oldest with her greatly-loved friend. These two are cut from the same wacky-awesome cloth. They both have creativity coming out their ears.

With the start of a new year, I have, of course, started some new goals. I may share more of them later, but I’ve decided to share two measurable ones that I will possibly update here on the blog along with the weekly photo each week, if I remember to. I love making goals, but try not to let them run my life in a negative way. Goals are only awesome if they help, not if they stress. I am comfortable with the reality that I may not be able to meet them every week, but I know for a fact that if I don’t set them, there is no way I’ll even come close. They are:

1) Run/walk at least 10 miles per week. Week 1 ~ 11.5 Run/Walk miles traveled, 11.5 cumulative in 2015
2) Write 10,000 words weekly. Week 1 ~ estimated 8,000 words completed, 8,000 cumulative in 2015

Do you make goals? I’d love to know what you’re dreaming about doing in 2015. What is new with you?


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“Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day. People ought to enjoy every day of their lives.” Eccl. 11:7-8a

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