Family Quirks

I know I tend to live on the serious side of life, especially in my writing, so I thought it might be fun to share a few of the silly things we do in our family that may not be exactly normal. We are an odd bunch.  Here goes some randomness off the top of my head…

My children barely know what the word “sucker” is, and only know the word “lollipop” just slightly more. They’ve had approximately 100,000 suckers each in their lifetimes (I know, bad mom), but somewhere toward the beginning, the firstborn started calling them “bum-bum’s”, which may have been her way of saying “dum-dum”, and it has stuck. To this day, every one of us refer to them as bum-bums.

While we are on the subject of food weirdness, my children also think that oatmeal is normally served with sprinkles on top. It kind of makes me giggle to think about times ahead when they start comparing notes with friends and say, “You mean, your mom didn’t put sprinkles on your oatmeal?”

A confession: My children only wear socks about 10% of the time, and only when I absolutely insist/beg/demand. I blame it on our early years in California, when sandals were the norm and socks were not needed. Sometimes I’m embarrassed that we’re pretty much sockless year-round even in the rainy northwest, but really, its just one less thing to worry about, so most of the time I don’t stress over it. The kids wear socks on their hands (for play) all the time, and love playing all sorts of games with the gobs of socks in the community sock box (nope, I never sort and match them, except for a few pairs for daddy), but that’s really most of the action the socks get around here.

When A was a wee little one, we started singing songs to her while she was having her teeth brushed to get her to sit still, and have most often sung the ABC song (to various tunes) over the years. I still have “turns” with each of them a few times a week where we sing ABCs or other silly songs that help them remember things while brushing their teeth. It’s one of my favorite quirky family traditions we have, and they have memorized a lot of remarkable things just during this funny activity. Number 3 gets especially frustrated if you try to brush without singing.

Cleanup times are always accompanied by music, and a few of our children seem to be convinced that you CANNOT clean a house unless the tunes are turned up. The great thing is, everyone has really caught on to the momentum of doing tasks together, and aside from the times when not everyone is willing to rally, cleanup times are usually a very productive and sometimes even fun for all.

My kids think the best household tasks are scrubbing the walls with a wet soapy sponge and mopping the floors. I’m very ok with the excitement they have to do these jobs. They also argue over who gets to vacuum and unload the dishwasher. And just this morning we had a team deep-clean in the kitchen where the kids emptied out and organized the pantries (we have 2 smaller ones), helped organize the bowls and tupperware, and cleaned out the fridge and freezer with me. Willingly. Let’s just ride that wave all the way to college, shall we?

Grandpa Mac has our kids convinced that bunnies live in our yard. When he comes over, he tells them all about the bunnies and how they need to be fed. They usually dig lettuce or carrots out of the fridge and go searching for them all around the yard, deciding finally to leave the food out for the bunnies to find when they are hungry. Of course the “bunnies” always take a few bites out of the goodies for the kids to find when they come back, and apparently are so convincing that even the oldest still tells people we have bunnies that live in our yard even though I’ve never seen one.

(Photos from our Christmas tree-cutting adventure 2013. Self-timer for the win!)

Does your family (current or from your childhood) have any quirks that make you smile?


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    December 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    I am so with you on a lot of it. I don’t really sort socks very often and my kids never wear them either. They are barefoot all the time. They put their boots on sockless in the winter. Socks are mostly used as mini sleeping bags or some kind of bed for toys. And they fight over who mops the floor, which I’m sorry to say is not often enough, and putting away the silver wear when emptying the dishwasher.
    Our funny thing is we don’t eat sweet potatoes without brown sugar, and rarely without marshmallows. They now think it always has to be that way and don’t like them plain. They love camping so much they make sleeping bags on the floor or put up a tent, and even asked when we moved if we could live in our tent. And every movie must have popcorn because we did it once and it must be repeated.

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