How the Sunflowers Grow

We spent the weekend away. Just a little trip to see loved ones that live just far enough away to make it a challenge to see them often. It was unexpectedly meaningful in quiet ways. Whispers of a love that holds feeble hearts together through passing years…Love that prevails through every storm.

I return home with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Thankful for the time, and sad for it’s brevity. Swallowing hard the reality of passing time…how it weathers and wears on the body and the soul too. How these are the moments we have to say our love and show it. We don’t know what other moments we will be given.

These sunflowers live in my grandfather’s garden. They are notably beautiful, and also abnormally tall. They are supposed to grow to be 5-6 feet tall, and these tower to 12 feet, plus…leaning a bit from the weight of their beautiful blossoms and enormous stalks.They stretch up and fling open their arms. Wide open to the sun, wide open to the rain. Drinking in whatever the sky gives with gratitude and putting it to good use. They stay where they are planted and in good soil, grow to heights unheard of.

I feel a little like a sunflower that came from this garden.

I pattered my little feet through these very garden rows as a tiny person, and watched every different kind of plant grow through the years…most often to be twice as tall or fruitful as expected. Clearly, the soil is rich with goodness for life, the plants cared-for with knowing, gentle hands. I have been nourished and sustained by the fruitfulness of simple lives lived diligently in the quiet, secret place, giving everything and living in a way that I aspire to. Faithful. Humble. Grateful. Giving me good soil to stand in while I reach my little hands up and learn to drink in whatever is given, finding the good, the wisdom, and the importance in every experience allowed me.

It was hard to drive away when I have so much left to say. So many thanks to hand back for every good thing given to me from this home. From these hearts. I could try to repay what I have been given, but it could never come close to being adequate. So instead I’ll try to live out what I’ve learned from them. To be diligent, compassionate, committed, and generous. Faithful, humble, and grateful.


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    Jani Hedegaard
    August 19, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    A beautiful tribute to two wonderful grandparents. I loved the photos also…

    • Reply
      August 20, 2013 at 5:22 pm

      I also loved this tribute. The photos bring sweet memories to me too. Precious people

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    chris conrad
    August 19, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    this is a truly wonderful tribute to 2 awesome lovely people!! You did a great job reflecting their love, way to go!

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