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I used to have one million and one plastic cups spilling out of my cupboards overhead, making plastic cups one of my least favorite things in the kitchen. Anytime anyone wanted a drink, they had to come to me. And with so many thirsty camels in my house, I was getting tired of fetching water cups over and over. And over.┬áThis basket makes life easier for me (no fetching) and for them (no asking). I only recently started using it in the kitchen, but it will now be a permanent fixture until we’re past the season of plastic kid dishes. It is one small way that I reinforce with the kids one of the staple phrases in our house, “Everyone helps!”


We have been using this cart in the kitchen since we moved in because we have only a small amount of counter space, and it has been re-configured a few times as our needs have changed. The microwave is now below and the basket rests on top so the kids can easily get what they need. I typically direct one of the kids to unload the ‘kids’ dishes’ from the dishwasher and organize them in the basket. Here you can see J (5) doing the job. I have also had E (3) and A (6.75) complete this task without trouble.

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Sometimes it takes a little re-organizing to make everything fit just right, but J has gotten the hang of it.

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I asked him how he felt about doing this chore. And this was his response. Despite the thumbs down, I’ve never had to ask twice for this job to be completed. And somehow, just having someone else clear out the plastic things from the dishwasher makes unloading the rest of the dishes seem like a 1-minute job. I’m sold.




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