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My friend Hillary hosts a weekly Picture Me {im}Perfectly link-up, which is the inspiration for this post. She has a heart to get real, and share honestly about the {im}Perfect things about our lives, to help each of us remember that none of us have it all together…something that can be hard to remember when you are looking at someone’s life through a computer screen. If you’re not familiar with her blog, I encourage you to check it out. She is a gem.


I have story after story that show time and again how God has provided for me, pulled me through a tight spot, lifted me up when I was low, and brought me great blessings. And yet, I am one of the world’s best worriers. I worry about all kinds of things, from founded concerns to very irrational ones, and I waste a lot of energy on stuff that ultimately steals my joy instead of putting my energy that into things that will preserve it.

I worry about whether or not I am making the best decisions for my kids, and whether I’m doing enough to prepare them for life. I worry that society is on a downward spiral and what that might mean for the quality of our lives in the future. I worry about whether the foods we eat are actually growing and building our bodies for good work, or if they are poisoning us. I worry about unexpected tragedy and political unrest. I worry about injustices happening around the world, and the ones happening here in my own backyard, where victims have nowhere to turn for help. I worry about the lack of respect for human life at all stages and of people from all backgrounds that has nations and corporations and groups and individuals advancing initiatives other than love, respect, and celebration of our shared humanity. I worry about the future of our nation and the problems (and debts) our children will inherit.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If there were a way to quantify the time and list the ways I worry about things I cannot change instead of focusing on things I can, I am sure it would be an embarrassingly long list. I tell you all of this because I feel like I see people all around me who seem like they have everything together…like they don’t worry about anything and have unwavering faith. But my journey is one of trembling as I go, searching for truth in a sea of junk, and second-guessing myself at many stops along the way. All that to say, I am on a quest to spend less time on worry and more time pursuing better things.


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    April 25, 2013 at 3:25 am

    i love this. all of this. thank you for your words and sharing your challenge — the same one that i think a lot of us struggle with.

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