I’ve been searching for words all afternoon. Not sure I’ve found them. Except to say that you can bet I am and will be praying for those in Boston and beyond who are feeling the deep impact of an event of this magnitude. I think of the terrible injuries, physical and emotional, sustained by people and families and hearts that want to be full of faith for a world marked more by love than hate, but instead they feel doubt, fear, and anger closing in. I am familiar with the internal struggle in the aftermath of tragic events, which can be a struggle even (or especially) for those of us who were not there but imagine what else could go wrong in the world around us. I’m sure that more than one person I know will be falling asleep with heaps of questions and worries on the mind.

It is hard to understand why things like this happen. Clearly it takes forethought, planning, and execution to accomplish something like this, and it makes me uncomfortable to think about how misguided one (or many) could be to craft such a scheme. A plot to attack people gathered to cheer on a time-honored physical demonstration of theĀ enduring spirit of humanity. What a low blow.

I guess I want to speak to the worriers (like me)…the ones who wonder what tragedy is waiting just around the corner to leap out and catch us by the throat. Awful things do happen too often. That’s true. But we cannot live ruled by fear, or even by anger…there is no freedom in either of those. Freedom can only be found choosing to be not afraid…to waste no energy on the doom of the future and spend all that we have loving, sharing, uplifting, and overcoming today’s troubles together. Freedom is found in opening our hands to receive supernatural strength, enduring faith, and unending love from God so that we can share all of those things with others in times of need. Without Him, all we have are eyes that only see the shadows, wings that are broken, and hearts that are faint.

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