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I wanted to give a little insight into why I chose the name “Light and Loveliness” for my blog. The meaning of names are very important to me, and one of my nerdy personal hobbies is researching the history and significance of names and sometimes adding favorites to a long running list I’ve kept for years. That list is specifically possible baby names, and I joke with friends that I keep having babies so I can put names I love to good use, but my fascination with meanings goes beyond baby names.

I love when little details really mean something. I have realized in recent years that light is a dominant theme in my life. As a photographer, every time I look at anything, I’m thinking about where the light is, how the light hits an object, how it reflects, or how it illuminates little details that could otherwise be missed. As a follower of Jesus, I am continually discovering more about the story of God in Scripture and the evidence of God at work in my life, like a light shining in a dark place, uncovering treasures I didn’t even know were there.

And for the bigger picture, I am keenly aware that the world we live in today is full of darkness, hate, and desperately ugly things…and quite honestly, many days it crushes my spirit to see how humans treat other humans. How greed destroys the delicate and beautiful. How callous people become to the needs of others. It’s a big mess, and I have to push back. I can’t accept that it has to be this way…it doesn’t have to be this way.

Light and loveliness are what I personally want to put out in the world in direct opposition to the dark and ugly. I need to recognize and highlight it for myself, so I don’t crumble under the weight of anxiety, depression, and the gnawing ache of the soul…all things that I’ve struggled with throughout my life. Love surpasses. Love covers. Love hopes and endures. Love wins. And that, friends, is why I have embarked on this new blogging journey.

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